Will I work? Will you work? You : Sen Will he work Will she work? Will it work? Will we work Will you work? You : Siz Will they work? I will now leave this city.

I will always support you. Where will you go after the lesson? She will not eat meat everyday. You will not shout in the classroom. I will not walk in the rain. She will never trust in her husband. I will soon learn English very well. Where'll they go tomorrow evening? I will give you the information you need. Will they come to see us in spring?

Will she make a cake on Friday? Will you give all your papers to the teacher? When will they come to İstanbul? I won't do all this work for you. You will not warn them again. Will you help me to carry this suitcase? I will do something about it.Sponsor Reklamlar. He is a teacher. Is he a teacher? They are ill. Onlar hasta. Are they ill? They were learning English. Were they learning English?

He can swim very well. Can he swim very well.? They had sent the documents. Had they sent the documents.? They work every day. Do they work every day? We always speak English. Do you alwasy speak English? He runs every morning. Does he run every morning? She usually does her homework at night. Does she usually do her homework at night? They examined the patient carefully.

Did they examine the patient carefully? They had to sell the car.I was disappointed by your article. Tom showed Mary an old newspaper article. Have you ever added an article to Wikipedia? I read an article about acid rain yesterday.

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Have you read the article about Asia in Time? The article alludes to an event now forgotten. The author of this article is a famous critic. Tom wrote an article for the school newspaper.

İngilizce Okul ve Öğrenim Durumu ile İlgili Cümleler

I had the article accepted by a travel magazine. This article was written by a college professor. Please tell me what you think about this article. This article reminds me of something I saw on TV. Tom read the whole article from beginning to end. Tom cut an interesting article out of the newspaper.

An article about our school appeared in the newspaper. Tom wrote an article about it in the school newspaper. Did the newspaper article say how fast Tom was driving?

This article is more interesting than the previous one. The writing style is much less complicated in this article. I went to high school with the person who wrote that article. I hope that Japan will abide by article 9 of her Constitution. The magazine article said that the value of the yen would rise. Excuse me, let me point out three mistakes in the above article. I came across an article in the newspaper about your new project. This newspaper article is more interesting than the previous one.

The article on Buddhism revived my interest in Oriental religions. You have only to read this article to see how serious the accident was. Tom spent the better part of the day writing an article for a local magazine. Skip to content. December 25, ilker This site is full of exercises for second 2nd grade students.Example: Mom was as mad as a hornet when we broke the mirror.

Example: The teacher goes over the tests with an eagle eye. Bu hem mecazi hem de birebir anlama sahip olabilir. Aceleye gerek yok. FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. Learning English becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? Navigation İngilizce blog. By whitneyfoster and Oytun Buyrukcu. Ne demek istiyor? İngilizce deyimler nedir? Try FluentU for Free. Partnerships Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? All Rights Reserved. Contact Us Follow Us.Kendimi iyi hissetmiyorum. Ay hef tu go tu di femilidoktir. I must go ihe Emergency doctor.

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Fabrika doktoruna gitmek istiyorum. I want to go to the Factory doctor. The doctor gave me three days to rest. I am not going to come tomorrow. Aym nat going tu kam tumorov. Ken yu giv mi e dey-of tumorov? Are we going to work at the weekend? When are we going to get holiday pay? Ven ar vi going to get holidey pey? If it kontinyus layk dis, Ayl rizayn. I need new working clothes. I need new working shoes. When are we going to take our salary.

Ven ar vi going tu teyk aur seilri. Can I have ten Pound advance? Ken ay hev e ten Paund edvinse? Are we going to have our salary cash in hand.

Good afternoon, have you got a job for me? Yes, we have got a job for you. Yes, vi hev gat e cob for yu. How much do you pay monthly? How much do you pay weekly? How many hours am I going to work in a week? How long will it take to repair it? Hav long vil it teyk tu ripeyr it? We can not continue working. Where are we going to continue working? When are we going to have a break. Ven ar vi going tu hev e breyk.

When are we going to start tomorrow? Ven ar vi going tu start tumorrov? Tomorrow you can start working. Sorry The pasition is not free. Have you got your work-permit? Ayv kam from di cob sentir.I always go to swim. He eats an apple everyday. We usually watch TV.

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Biz genellikle televizyon izleriz. I run every morning. My uncle reads English books. Amcam İngilizce kitaplar okur. I love my dog very much. Children like milk. We go to the seaside every summer. The plane leaves for New York at Esra always sleeps late. We check our facebook profile every day.

My father works in a company. I brush my teeth every day. I usually play tennis. The bus goes at half past 2pm. Do you like going to school each day? Remzi tries all things to be successful. Water freezes at zero centigrade degree. What time does the English class start? I remember what you talk about.

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Sandra loves her family very much. Where do you usually study? I usually study at the library. How often does she visit her parents? She visits her parents twice a month. O, ailesini ayda iki kez ziyaret eder. The train stops at every station on the way to Ankara. Tren, Ankara yolunda her istasyonda durur. The exhibition opens on June 2nd and closes on July 31st.

Why does a dog bark? A dog barks because he is frightened. How do the birds fly? The birds fly by using their wings. Who wants to be a millionaire?

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Kim milyoner olmak ister? Everyone wants to be a millionaire. Herkes milyoner olmak ister. I go to school everyday.Bu kelimeler bir arada bir anlam ifade ederler. I learned English perfectly because I studied very hard. My mother washed the vegatables then she cut them into little pieces. That is the house which I want. He was watching television when I came in. That, whether or notif, what, how, who, which, where, whom, howmany, howmuch, whatever.

I bought a book. I bought whatever you wanted. I know what it is to be young. He said that he was a carpenter. Last night I saw the girl who loves my brother. The girl whom you met in our home is my cousin. The flowers which you brought me were very beautiful. The book that I read was very interesting. İngilizce Gramer. Good morning. Good evening. Good night. How are you? Fine, thanks. So, so. Not bad. What is your name? Where are you from?

I am from Turkey. Are you a student? Do you work? Yes, I am a computer programmer in a company. Can you help me, please?

Can you tell me where Piccadilly Circus is? Speak more slowly, please. Write it down for me, please. Can I make a phone call? Can I borrow your pen?